Year End Information


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Family Pick-up of Students’ Items: Our teachers worked hard last week to close out their classrooms and pack up all remaining items belonging to out students. If was definitely a somber way to get ready for summer.


  • Wednesday June 3: 4th from 9-11 a.m. and 5th from 1-3 p.m.
  • Last call will be June 3 from 6-7 p.m.  Please fill out this  Google Form if you plan to come during this time.

Pick-up Directions: When picking up your child’s items, please pull all the way up to the orange cones in the right pick-up lane and remain in your vehicle. Staff will ask for students’ names and we will have a runner bring out the items to your car. Let staff know to either open your back passenger door or pop open your trunk for them to place the items in your vehicle.

Items to Bring: Please bring the following items during pick-up times. We will not be allowed to collect anything during the parade on Friday.

  • Library Books
  • Classroom Books-please place in a bag labeled with your child’s teacher’s name.
  • Retirement cards for Ms. Baker and Ms. Stokes-see below for more information
  • Something special for teachers or staff
Parade Information:

Student Celebration Parade: We will be celebrating all of our students with a reverse student parade on Friday, June 5th from 12:00-12:45 p.m. For the parade, please preview the attached map. For the safety of all students, staff, and families, please no walkers or bike riders-all families must be in vehicles.

Cars will enter our main drive-way (car drop-off/pick-up line) following our dismissal procedures. Please remain in the right lane and follow the curve around the lot. Once you are to the end of the u, you may get in the left lane if you need to turn left out onto Port Sheldon.

Please drive slowly through the lot, and do not stop!  We will not be collecting items from students during this time. Students are welcome to cheer, sing, say goodbye, wave, make signs, and/or decorate their cars to celebrate their teachers and the 2019-202 school year! The Alward staff is excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our students this school year!

Schedule of times: Please come at the designated time for your child’s last name-do not come early. Thank you!

  • A-B @ 12:00

    C-E @ 12:05

    F-G @ 12:10

    H-J @ 12:15

    K-L @ 12:20

    M-O @ 12:25

    P-R @ 12:30

    S-T @ 12:35

    U-W @ 12:40

    X-Z @ 12:45

May 10


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To all the wonderful mothers,

I hope your children spoil you today! You can tell them it’s a Sunday assignment. (=


BMS Music


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The following note is from BMS music department.

“The music people said that not many students are going to the website that was included on the one page music flyer that you all put out the day of the registration instructions.  The website asks students to put in the instrument that they are choosing as well as a google form for percussion fittings.  This is the website that they would like shared again.  Thanks!”

**This is an extra step ONLY  for the students choosing a music class.

April 27


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So, this week’s assignments are a little different. Our weekly sheet will offer both, math and ELA Monday through Thursday. Friday will remain science and history. Each day there will be about 60 minutes of learning suggestions for the students.

To help the children I will have a Q and A Zoom tomorrow at 11:00. If your child is all set with the new weekly work sheet they do not need to join this one. We will have another Zoom on Thursday for social interaction. (=

This link is for Monday’s Zoom. I also sent the students an email with the link.

I hope you are all hanging in there. I miss the students so much! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help your family. I hope you have a blessed week!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt


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Here’s something fun to do on a cold, blustery day. We started it today during our Zoom Meeting. (=

Voting Information


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On the ballot for Hudsonville on May 5th is the non-homestead renewal. This will not increase property taxes; it will allow the continued allocation of approximately 5.3 million dollars for HPS operating expenses.

If you are a Hudsonville resident, apply ASAP for your absentee ballot.

This is the link to fill out an application to get the absentee ballot.…/AbsentVoterBallot_105377_7.pdf
You can also contact the county clerk for more detailed information.

April 20


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Please be sure to look at your child’s Google Classroom today. I sent out details for class selection for 6th grade from Baldwin Street Middle School.

I’m glad that the students got to visit BMS in March. They probably already know what courses they would like.

If your child struggles with reading or math I strongly suggest that they take the electives that will support them.

I hope you are all doing well. If there is a need for you or your family please send me an email and I’ll do my best to help.

I will have a Zoom time again this week, but I’m waiting to see what meetings I’ll have so that I don’t over book my Zoom time.  (=

I miss your children! I love the pictures from our visit to Captain Sundae! Such a fun time!

April 13


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Week Update

There is a new sheet with the week’s lessons posted in Google Classroom. I will post answers later in the week.

I will be having a Zoom class meeting Tuesday at 11:00. An invitation to this meeting will be sent to the students’ HPS gmail. It’s best to join these meetings through the students’ school gmail to keep pop up ads from coming up.

I hope you are all doing well. I really miss “my” kids! I’m not cut out for this on-line thing. But, I promise to do my very best for your child. Please let me know if I can help.

Stay well!

March 27


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Going forward the blog will be to give parents news updates as it pertains to school. The students will get news and things to do in our Bouwens’ Google Classroom (previously our Writing Google Classroom)

I put our history chapters in this class too. So, all the information for the students will be in one place, Bouwens’ Google Classroom.

Please have the students check their Gmail accounts to see when I add new information to our Google Classroom. I left them a note today. On Monday, there will be a document posted with things for them to work on for about 30 minutes, each day for a week. This is not mandatory. It’s for you and your child to use as you see fit.

Please email me with any questions. Stay safe!

Missing “my” kids!!!!  Remembering  the  fun  we  had!  Hoping  there’s  more  to  come!!!

March 25


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Last week I gave you several ideas of things you could do.

Today, go out and enjoy the sun!

Don’t forget to read! (=

Missing “my” kids!!!

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